Up to 39% of all dental and oral injuries occur during sports. About one in three children suffers a dental injury during school or recreational sports.

Many of these could be prevented with mouthguards. In addition, by cushioning and distributing the force - jaw and jaw joint fractures are prevented. It is ideal when the athlete's performance, mouth breathing and speech are not impaired.


The mouthguard must be elastic to absorb blows and rigid enough to deflect the energy from the teeth and distribute it over as large an area as possible. For most sports, it is sufficient to protect the upper row of teeth. The lower jaw and the temporomandibular joint are also protected by the clenching of the teeth.

We recommend individually made mouthguards.

Only if the mouthguard is precisely fitted and made of the plastic ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) can it distribute the impact energy as evenly as possible and is very comfortable to wear. By the way, Stiftung Warentest agrees.

We manufacture the PLAYSAFE mouthguard from Erkodent. It fits tightly, allows free breathing and normal speech, and has a long service life. How stable the mouthguard has to be and which material layers it needs depends on the type of sport and the risk of impact.

The steps leading up to your PLAYSAFE mouthguard are that an is taking of your upper and lower jaw at our clinic. During the visit, you can choose the color of your PLAYSAFES.  

In our laboratory a model will be made and the mouthguard will be produced. Then you get an appointment with us for the fitting and handing over of the mouthguard. If necessary, there will be a follow-up appointment to optimize the wearing comfort.

The PLAYSAFE is available for adults and children (also possible with fixed braces!).