Correction of malocclusions of teeth and jaw

A well-groomed and aesthetic appearance includes a radiant smile and thus beautiful teeth. But more important are healthy teeth.

For Kids - The development of the teeth does not always take the desired course

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For Teens - While the body is still growing, braces work better and even faster 

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For Adults - It’s never too late to have a straight smile and sometimes it is even necessary to react

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Holistic Orthodontics

In cooperation with other specialties - With holistic orthodontics, the position of the teeth is no longer considered in isolated terms.

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Materials & Allergies - Orthodontic materials can also cause allergies.

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Temporomandibular joint disorders

Malfunctions in the masticatory system can trigger discomfort in the temporomandibular joint and the entire skeletal system. Here it is crucial to clarify the cause:

With the help of manual functional and structural analysis as well as in instrumental occlusion analysis, the findings are determined

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and the specific treatment concept is derived and determined on this basis.

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Snoring & Breathing Therapy

Snoring Splint

If the causes are due to a recession of the lower jaw, snoring splints are a promising therapy

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Dental health & prophylaxis

Dental protection during sports

About one in three children suffers a dental injury during school or recreational sports. Many of these could be prevented with sports mouthguards.

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Professional dental cleaning 

Good oral hygiene is important for the health and longevity of the entire periodontium.

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Start with a consultative preliminary meeting

In order to ensure an optimal and effective treatment, a consultative preliminary discussion and a comprehensive diagnostic survey are a prerequisite.

Only after an exact diagnosis and your individual wishes can a suitable and for you individually suitable therapy path be determined. The necessary treatment means and their costs will be compiled especially for you.

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