Professional teeth cleaning

During orthodontic treatment, cleaning the teeth is particularly difficult and plaque formation in the interdental spaces increases. It is therefore recommended to have professional teeth cleaning performed at regular intervals.

During professional teeth cleaning, the tooth surface is thoroughly cleaned with airflow, ultrasound and hand instruments, then polished and fluoride is applied to strengthen the tooth surface.

Application of protective coating around brackets

During tooth correction with fixed bracket appliances, the risk of developing caries is particularly increased. 

As niches provide ideal conditions for bacteria to settle; in addition, the natural "wiping function" of our tongue and oral mucous membranes over the surface of the teeth is no longer present. The performance of thorough dental hygiene is also limited.

To minimize the risk of tooth decay, we recommend applying a special protective varnish to the smooth surfaces of the teeth around the brackets. This protects the sensitive tooth enamel.